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Bridge Over River

Bridging the Gap Between

Mother Earth & The Universe

Words of Wisdom Fron the Universe to Sharon

Knowledge is the Antidote to Ignorance 

Universal Law!

Always Walk In Gratitude

Fear is the Downfall of Man!

Face Your Fears - Meet It Head-On!

There is No Such Thing As Failure!

It's just a New Opportunity

to Try Something with a New Approach!

Faith Is The Hardest Thing To Hold Onto

But It's So Worth The Fight!

There is Nothing You Can Do

About a Second Ago!  

You made it! You Did it!  It's Gone!!  NEXT!

And... They Said I Can't or Couldn't Do It!

Give Up the Word Can't or Couldn't and

You Can Do Anything!

Don't Let Other People's Insecurities

Stop You From Being YOU!

Should've, Could've, Would'ves

Suspend You From Moving Forward

Do What You Can Today! It's All You Got!

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others,

You'll Never Be Them!

You Were Created To Be YOU, Not Them!

Don't Let the Unknown Scare You

It's Just Something Waiting to Be Discovered

Don't know Something?

Research, Learn, Explore!

Then you'll Find Your Answers

When It Comes To Your Dreams - 

Only Lazy People Don't Make Them Come True!

Discovering Yourself, Trials & Tribulations, Joy & Laughter Are All Part Of The Journey My Friend, Learn, Enjoy, Share!

There Are Only 3 Things People Truly Want

They Want To Be Heard (Acknowledged)

They Want To Be Loved &

They Want To Know Why They are Here!

The Only Gift God Gave Man

Is The Gift of "Choice"!

Choose Wisely!

2015-01-14 22.34.56.jpg

Hello, and thank you for joining me at my site, the  where I have been offering services, training, and guidance since 2007.


General Info:  My name is Sharon L. Jones... and I have been working in and with the Metaphysical, Spiritual, Alternative Health, New Age and Paranormal areas all my life.  Therefore, I am capable of wearing many hats, and due to my knowledge about energy and things that may not be visible,   I carry many titles within those fields.  With that said, you can give me or call me whatever title makes you feel comfortable.  As for me, I just consider myself to be an Energy Specialist, within those arenas.   Also having a corporate background within the computer training and development and financial side of life. I am able to use both my right and left side of my brain, by assisting you with focus, organization, and training that best fits your individual style of learning.  


So Welcome!   I created this site back in 2007 and yes, it has gone through many changes and like most, so have I.  Back in 2017, I moved to a farm in Delaware Ohio, and it's taken me several years to get adjusted, but I am happy to announce, that I have now set-up a designated Office and Training room here at the Farm in Delaware, Ohio; to be able to better serve you on your journey.  (Just 20 minutes North of Downtown Columbus), and the outside space offers plenty of room for outdoor events and group gatherings during spring and summer, the space is also available if you'd like to host an event too!

Since my move, I also have been thinking of ways that I could better serve you and this year I have added more depth to what I am able to offer you. Now through not only metaphysical and alternative health sessions, I offer, such as readings and such, but I now also added coaching and /or guidance to my services; as I found when people would come for a reading or a healing session, I would spend the half-hour or so coaching or guiding them as to how to flip the energies, so they could ensure a better more positive outcome or re-gain or maintain whole-health.  This would always add the extra benefit of transforming their lives into the life they desired.  So hence this year I am adding coaching as well!  I'm hoping to also be doing a lot more lectures and training and I'm also offering packages, that will be more cost-effective for you as well!    So, those are just a few things that will be going on for 2020!  A new year;  a new decade; a new life! Filled with all possibilities, but only if you dare to dream!  Enjoy!

So here is a little bit more ...

About Me:  So let me give you the short version of who I am.  I'm a person who has had a magnificent life, yet filled with many trials and tribulations, and so far I have been able to conquer all of them. Due to the events and career choices I have made in my life, I have gained skills, knowledge and even wisdom to get through and carry on, still living with trust, hope, and gratitude in my heart that because of those instances, I can assist and be of service to others.   So I am so grateful for it all!  


Before opening the Enlightening Center and before choosing to have children, I also carried with me something else; some type of an inner strength, a sense of knowing and understanding and trusting about how the Universe and energies that surround us and run through us worked, I somehow was born, with the belief and faith, that love could both conquer all and also heal all, just by asking that it be so and also be directing it as to where it needed to go to produce a healing or a positive outcome.  At approximately the age of 5 or 6, I would just love illness or pain away, by hugging others or touching where their pain was and in my mind, wish it away or love it away and they'd get better; and it worked! 


I also had the ability to tap into what I learned later or what others would call realms, the Universe, God.  I would see things before they happened, I would sense things around me and yes, since the age of two, I have always had spirits, ghosts and guides visit me, talk to me, teach me and guide me; both in my sleep and also in an awake state.  I thought it was normal; I never questioned it, nor was I ever afraid of it.  I thought everyone had this ability!  But as I grew, I soon discovered this was not the case.  And like most who are sensitive to energies, at a young age, for years I learned to remain silent, about certain abilities, I brought in with me at birth, leaving my teenage years and young adulthood, extremely lonely, having lots of friends, but always standing on the outside, afraid to be who I truly was.    Back then they would have called someone like me crazy or a schizophrenic and I probably would have been locked up!  There really weren't too many people who would have understood someone like me back then.  

But short story...  Due to this ability and many years of discovering myself, playing with the Universe, testing its variables; and with the help of many instances that proved to me or confirmed for me that my abilities to tap-in were not just a coincidence, nor was I crazy, I learned to understand it and in fact,  it was a reality that I truly could "tap-in"; and through the years, I learned and developed my skills, and learned to trust that what I was seeing, feeling, sensing and hearing was accurate information and accepted that no matter how much I tried to hide it or have it "not" happen, it would always be a way of life for me, whether I wanted it or not. 

So moving forward... Now being older, wiser, and having children, and being a computer contractor, C.F.O. and a billing specialist, trying to avoid the woo-woo stuff,  and I didn't want my kids to think they had a crazy mom, I waited until they could develop their own strengths, beliefs, and talents before I shared my abilities with them.  But even though I was successful in a corporate sense, and my kids were getting older, I still wasn't happy, nor was I living up to my full potential or living my purpose or passion.


Therefore,  it truly wasn't until my mid-to-late thirties, when I moved from California back to Ohio, where I was born, that I  met a few people, who talked about how they too had the ability to tap-in, so I felt a little safe that maybe I could share too!  I picked up a deck of Tarot cards, as I have been reading them in private since the age of 13 and gave them all a reading.  Oh! It felt so good, I was spot on!  We laughed and they told me I should be doing that for a living.  So that my friends is the short story!  And here we are today!

Once I no longer let the "fear" of being judged or being crazy matter to me anymore, I got my confidence back and I began living up to my full potential and I've been reading, healing and assisting others through my services, and training now for over thirty years; and doing what I love to do... Helping others!  Yes, I still have a day job, It just pays bills, but it is not my passion!   This is my passion being of service and helping others get answers and discover just how magnificent they are too!  And that is why the Enlightening Center was born!  

What it boils down to, is I finally was able to full-force come out of the closet and be able to openly use my abilities to help others. Whether it was my being able to assist with healing which I've been doing since at least 6 years of age or with being able to tap-into various energy systems to get answers and guidance.  I learned how to re-build my confidence of things that had been hiding inside me and instead of shying away from it, or letting fears step back in this time, I met-it head-on and accepted who I truly was; when I did this, then the floodgates opened and due to the time-frame we are living in now, other doors have opened up, words were finally put in the dictionary like psychic, empath, medium, to describe someone like me, science through neuroscience and technology are discovering more and more how energy truly works and how your thoughts and vibrations you carry are everything, something I've known all my life.  So yay for me and in reality, yay for you;  because now you too can explore these possibilities for yourself.  And if you 'd like, I'd love to assist you with that.  Eliminating the fear, answering your questions or even assisting with helping you feel whole again.  It's what I love to do,  It's my passion!   

So come, join me here at the Enlightening Center,  as I would love to support you and assist you on your journey, in whichever areas you need me.  Take time to explore my website, like my Facebook page and join the Facebook Enlightening Center's group.  Stay informed, meet like-minded people through events and lectures, take a class or two and let's meet on a one-on-one basis to discover all the possibilities that are waiting for you, guaranteed to be a very enlightening experience. Enjoy!  Blessings my friends!

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