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Schedules a Session Today!


Due to the circumstances of our world both emotionally & financially,

I still want to be here for you offering you guidance when you need it most!

Therefore all readings at this time will be discounted by

50% off listed price. 

So schedule today and get guidance as to where your new journey will take you!


ALL READINGS - General Info $90.00 (unless otherwise stated)

I have been offering readings since the age of thirteen, when I was introduced to my first Tarot deck, in 1971!   It always amazes me how accurate the energies can be, since then, I developed my understanding of energy and can tap-in on a psychic intuitive level as well, no visuals needed!    


All readings are performed by tapping into the energies, gathering information from both the Universal energies and Earth's energies that are surrounding you and/or your situation I then translate the information.   Once we look at the whole picture, we then will discuss the information you received during the reading and I will answer any questions you may have so that you feel comfortable with the energies you walk in.

Tarot: (Read More)

A reading of your own energies you get to walk in.  Tarot is the only deck that once shuffled can carry your own energy system, A spread is laid and then I interpret what the pictures represent for you at the time of your reading and your situation.  Because I am an energy specialist, I also guide you if and where your energies need to be changed and I teach you how to do that, so you are in control of your own outcome.

Oracle: (Read More)

Oracles are answers coming from various energy realms such as Angels, Fairies, Ascended Masters, etc. It's like asking your best friend what their opinion would be regarding a certain topic or situation.  

Psychic/Intuitive: (Read More)

This can be a combination of your energies and energies from other realms.  This is not done with any cards for visual assistance.

Mini-Readings:  $45.00 -  20 min.  (Based on 2 questions per reading)

Quick phone readings when you need a quick answer to a specific question.  





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