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Most Service can be done 

By Phone or Internet



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Due to the Pandemic,  I have lowered my prices so that you can still receive the benefit of a reading.  I am also requesting that if possible, Readings be done via phone or the Internet to keep us both safe at this time.  If you must see me In-Person, contact me to make special arrangements.


ALL READINGS - General Info:  $75.00 (unless otherwise stated)

I have been offering readings since the age of thirteen, when I was introduced to my first Tarot deck, in 1971!   It always amazes me how accurate the energies can be, since then, I developed my understanding of energy and can tap-in on a psychic intuitive level as well, no visuals needed!    


All readings are performed by tapping into energies, gathering information from the Universal energies, your own energies, and Earth's energies that are surrounding you and/or your situation.   I then translate the information I receive to you.   Once we look at the whole picture, we will then take time to discuss the information you received during the reading and I will answer any questions you may have and if need be, I may offer you guidance as to how you yourself can change your energy system for a positive outlook so that you feel in control and comfortable with the energies you walk in.

Tarot: (Read More)

Discover What "Your" Energies have to Offer You and/or Your Situation

I've been reading the Tarot Cards since the age of 13. Tarot is the only deck of cards that taps into your own personal energies and the energies that you carry with you. This is why I love this so much.    It allows me, the reader to actually see and understand the energies you are carrying with you that are affecting you or your situation at the time of the reading.  It also adds the benefit that I can then show you via the visual aid of the cards, and because Tarot has allowed us to tap into your energies  I then am able to explain those energies to you and also teach you how to shift your own energies for a positive outcome.  Always leaving you and reassuring you that you are in total control as to your outcome! 

Psychic/Intuitive: (Read More)

Psychic / Intuitive Readings are done without the visual aid of the cards

I've been "Intuitive" all of my life, meaning I have been able to tap into energies to get answers both for myself and others. A psychic or intuitive reading is done through conversation and without the visual use of cards. 

Oracle: (Read More)

Ask the Angels, the Ascended Master, Fairies, Goddesses for Guidance

Get opinions from various realms of the Universe (Angels, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Etc.). When receiving an Oracle reading, it is like asking your best friend what their opinion is about you or your situation. 

Call - 614-450-0944


Text - 614-440-4076






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