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From my many years of experience of giving readings for myself and my situations, along with offering this service to others, I am convinced that at the time of the reading the information that I relay to you is in fact accurate.  As I too sometimes rely on the cards to gather information for myself, offering me a broader view of what's going on, then I can step back review things, that I may have not seen or realized and I can move forward from there.   But I also know that the information we "the readers" receive at the time of your reading, is energy-based, therefore nothing is written in stone. When you have a session with me, I will interpret the energies as I see, hear, feel, and sense them.  Then we will review the overall message. I will not leave you hanging with questions unanswered.   If energy tweaks need to made to produce a more positive outcome   I will also teach and guide you how to flip the cards per-se' and/or your energy, to assist you to create a proper positive flow of energy knowing that you can walk away with the tools that offers you a more positive outcome for yourself and/or your situation.  Offering you complete control of your energy and the situation at hand.

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