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April 26th, 2020 - 8:00 pm -  I will be going live on Facebook in the Enlightening Center's Group (Join Here).

I will be going live to discuss the energies for 2020.  Not only is it a New Year, but it is also a New Decade!  As with all my energy reports, I will be sharing my take of what will be going on based on the information I have received from God, the Universe and Mother Earth.  I have also been asked by God and the Universe to offer a Universal healing.  I have been assured that various different Universal realms will be on hand to assist with that healing.  Not sure what that's about but, I try to follow the directions I get when the Boss requests something, so I'll do my best to translate their desires to you.    It should be an interesting event, to say the least!

Live Event

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