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First, let me say I am so sorry for your loss.  But I can guarantee your loved ones are just fine, they are loved, accepted, and out of pain and they want more than anything for you to be happy and feel love again too!  I offer these services not only so you can communicate with your loved ones, via a "Medium" session; but to also offer you support, through "Grief Therapy".  I know how truly painful losing someone can be, after losing my 27-year-old son, a few years back...  I too wanted answers and I also wanted the pain to stop!  So trust me, I truly understand what you are going through!  I understand that Your grief will probably never end, but there comes a time, when you must pick up the pieces and begin to rebuild and live again. Get the support so that you understand the process.  I definitely understand your pain and together I will support you, hold your hand and offer you the tools to continue on.

Grief Therapy 

There are no words that someone can relay to you to take away the pain of losing a loved one!   I absolutely can relate to what you are feeling and going through.  There's no pain like it! And no, you'll never be the same again!  It will be different, but I'm here to support you and let you know, in time you'll come to understand it. and that's what I want to offer you, understanding and support.  I too had to learn how to get through it, accept it, and move forward so that I could live in a functioning, productive, and yes, even sometimes happy state.  And I want you to be able to do that too!

Please let me be your support system and guide you through the recovery process of losing someone dear to you.  I will offer you the tools and knowledge I gained having to work through this myself and I can also offer support in a different way, because not only am I a minister, but I am also a medium since the age of two, I can also reassure you that your loved one truly is happy, loved, out of pain and wants you to be happy too!  That is their greatest wish and together, we'll work on letting them see you smile once more.

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