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There is nothing more devastating in life then losing a loved one!  I know, because I too, lost someone, my 27-year-old son! It was the worst pain I had ever experienced.  So I know that on some days the pain can be overwhelming and you just wish you could speak or communicate with them; if for no other reason but to be reassured that they are okay! And that is why I would like to assist you, as it truly helps to communicate, hopefully, get some answers, or even just to say you love them and have the acknowledgment, that they heard you!


So first let me say, I am so sorry for your loss! But, I am fortunate, because I have been speaking, seeing and hearing both Ghosts and Spirits since I can remember, age two to be exact.  When an Indian spirit, stood on my bed with me as I watched my dad burn the trash in the back yard, He was teaching me how to watch the smoke and how to heal with it.  Obviously, at two, I thought nothing of it; as I was more interested in watching my dad burn the trash.  But since that time, I realized that at times, I could actually call upon loved ones or spirits and they would show up or answer me.  And trust me, once they realize you can hear them, sense them, they are more than happy to speak up, especially if they have been waiting for someone like me who can lift the veil and interact with them to relay a message to their loved ones.  Sometimes this can be annoying because I'll be out and about and someone will pop-in and ask if I can walk over to a perfect stranger and tell them something, my answer is always... Really???   And usually, they will persist until I relay their message.  It can get awkward at times, trust me!  But I realized not only was I assisting the person, but I was also assisting the person (ghost) on the other side, so I now pay attention when this happens and try to assist where I can.   

If you need assistance or closure with a loved one; or you just want to check-in and see how they're doing - I can assist you with this.  During a Medium session, we will "purposely" call upon your loved one and hopefully get answers for you.  But I do want you to understand that when working with those on the other side, it will be up to those individuals whom you are trying to communicate with to choose whether or not to join in during your session.  The good news is, is that even if your loved one can not attend for whatever reason or chooses not to join in, no worries because I have been doing this for so long, I know that others who know your loved one will speak-up or chime in to reassure you that your loved one is doing just fine. 

For anyone seeking this service, let me reassure you, I know for a fact, your loved one is safe and being surrounded by love and acceptance, no matter how they left their physical form. They are safe, they are not in pain, and they are loved.  Blessings to you.

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