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If you have questions or want to explore, play or work within the Metaphysical, Spiritual, New Age, Alternative Health & Paranormal Arenas or your just curious about these arenas, You know... 

The Who, What, How, and Why's of Things...  Look No Further!  It's all Here!

Have you ever wondered about things like Angels, guides, or questioned how a medium can really connect with loved ones?  Did you ever want to go the more natural route and try alternative health therapy, but just weren't sure who you should see or which therapy would really help you? And then you never went because you just didn't understand it? Or, have you yourself felt different and questioned wow, am I psychic, an empath?  Or maybe, you have gifts that you don't understand; and at times you just feel crazy because you just don't know if the things you are seeing, sensing, hearing are real or not?  And for most of us, we feel uncomfortable asking anyone or discussing it, afraid because we feel people just won't understand or they'll judge us!   You're not alone!

Hi, my name is Sharon Jones. Some of you may know me as the owner of the Enlightening Center.   I am also known as an energy specialist.  But what is an Energy Specialist?  What does that mean?  Well, it means that I can tap into various energy systems throughout the Universe and Mother Earth.  It also means I can tap into your energies as well; and see, hear, sense what's going on.  I can also tap into energies to get answers, direction, and information, whether it's to help write this book or to get answers to assist you.  When it comes to health issues, as I am also an Alternative health practitioner and Reiki Master/teacher, I can pull in, guide and direct energies to assist the physical body with its own healing process.  I've been assisting and being of service to others for over 30 years.   It all comes naturally to me and therefore, I carry titles like a medium, a psychic, a healer, an educator, a speaker, and the list goes on, and on and on!  and I have also developed the alternative energy healing modality called "Combined Energy Therapy (C.E.T.)


But today, I am wearing the hat as an educator/author, because I truly want everyone to have the opportunity to truly understand what all this stuff really is about, how it works; and to eliminate the fear and misconceptions that have been around these arenas for way too long!

Sharon L. Jones
Energy Specialist, Psychic, Medium, Transformational /Wellness Coach,
Educator, Author, Public Speaker

The Benefits Were Amazing!

We all walked away with the understanding that there is:

  1. Absolutely nothing to fear within these arenas - You just need to educate yourself and understand what they are.

  2. We discovered how many things really are the same things, or work together, just with a slight twist, giving it a different title.

  3. We learned that whether we are aware of it or not, we use or do most of the things we discussed, in our everyday lives already, but we just didn't realize it or know there was a name for it!

  4. We discovered on an individual level what it was we related to and wanted to explore more of.

  5. We learned about how things developed and got started, you know the history of some of the various topics.

  6. We got to discover the Angel's names; and when and how they can help in our lives, as with the Goddesses and Animal spirts as well.  Pretty cool!

All-in-all it was a great exploration of all things within the metaphysical, spiritual, new age, alternative health, and paranormal arenas.  It helped in so many ways - 

A few years back, I taught a class that lasted about 10 weeks; and every week we'd gather together and discuss various topics on all things that are Metaphysical, Spiritual, New Age, Alternative and Paranormal related.  We went from A-Z...  During class, all sorts of questions and debates would come up, on all various topics that we hadn't even considered putting into the class, as I was just covering the basics at the time.  You know the popular titles, like acupuncture, medium, ghosts, etc.  in reality the class could have lasted all year; but winter settled in and it was hard for people to drive miles in the snow, dark in the night to continue to attend.  So we finished it up with Zen!  Ha, Ha! 

Just Look at What Happened

 This Information Removed the:

  • Fear that came with some of these titles or procedures

  • Mis-conceptions about what things truly are and how they work

  • Confusion

  • Lack of knowing 

  • Mis-understanding

  • Doubt and worry when we see, hear or sense things, we can't explain

  • It removed that sense of feeling different or alone

  • It removed anxiety about experiencing certain things by putting things into perspective

and Offered us:

  • Clarity

  • Trust

  • Knowledge

  • Understanding 

  • History

  • Truths

  • Acceptance

  • Relief that we aren't crazy when we'd experience some of these things!

  • Security - That in fact, others felt, saw, heard and sensed things too!  

  • Confirmation

  • Faith that things do exist outside our imagination

  • And it offered us 1st hand experiences; both with stories I would share with my students and from my students themselves, who had their own experiences while exploring some of the topics; which made us feel not so alone in this world!

It was a great experience and I too learned so much by having to do all the research for that class.  It was informative, eye-opening at times and most importantly it answered a lot of questions we all had about a lot of topics.   But like I said, winter had settled in and after 10 weeks, it was time for class to end! 

Before we hugged and said goodbye, my students asked if we maybe could do it again in spring, a few students, asked me to write a book, so they could remember what they learned in class, as we covered so much!  Hmm, maybe I replied?  At that time I had no intention of writing a book, too much information to write about I thought!  It would take forever!  



Finally Get All Your Questions Answered Without Having to Buy 10 Books, Just To Find Out, The Answers Still Aren't There!

You Asked For It - I Wrote It



  • Over 550 Pages Written in an A-Z Quick Reference, Easy to Read Format Filled With:

  • Over 200 topics to explore and learn about

  • References and resources to explore further

  • Lists and charts giving you information and quick references from a chakra chart to an angel list, so you know what's what and who's who!

  • Advice based on 1st hand experiences I've had while both working and playing within these various arenas

  • The history of how things came to be

  • How things work and what you can expect, when exploring some of these topics

  • and so much more!

Plus...  When you Buy It Today!

As a Bonus!

  • You'll Become a member of: "Oh, Is That What That Means? Bookclub! You'll get automatic updates when I write about a "New" topic, therefore you will be the first to get the information and not have to wait for a 2nd book, you can just add the information to yours!

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