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Oracle Cards

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Get answers from the Angels, Fairies, Dragons.  Ask the Ascended Master or the Goddesses what information they can offer you regarding your situation.  

Having an Oracle reading offers you advice from various realms within the Universe.  Like asking your best friend what their opinion is about a certain situation.  Some of the artists who design Oracle cards received messages from various realms and incorporated what they heard or sensed while they were designing the cards, and included that interpretation onto the card itself, making it easy for you to pull cards for yourself.    But read further as to why you may want someone else to offer this service to and for you.

If some oracle cards already have the information written on the cards, why would you need a reading from someone else?  There are two answers to this 1.  You don't!   2.  Yes, you do, because when you go to someone who is intuitive, psychic or are familiar with energy, the reader at this point, also pulls in more energy and answers for you, in other words, the cards just opened the door for the reader;  They then put the pieces together for you and not only read the cards to you, but also interpret what and how the actual meaning of what was pulled corresponds to your situation. 


At times during an Oracle card reading, the energies of various realms will join in on the reading.  If you are not familiar with identifying these energies coming in from various realms, you may miss the true meaning or answers that the specific cards are trying to represent.  And this my friends, is why it is important that you go to someone who is familiar with reading Oracle cards and is also familiar with tapping into Universal energies; therefore, they can give you the full interpretation of what the cards or energy realms are trying to tell you, rather than just relying on the written words on the card itself.  Also, depending on the artist, some Oracle cards do not have words written on them and therefore, the reader, who is familiar with that specific deck of Oracle cards can tap into the energies, just like within a Tarot reading and interpret what they are picking up from the various realms.


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