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them, but we are also sending them out into the Universe, so they too can be cleansed, healed and release their negativity as well and become the white light of love once more.


Some of these entities do not like that concept and many have put up a good fight!  But I work for God, whom I consider the highest energy source there is and at times other sources come in to assist as well.  It is all done with love and compassion to help heal and banish any darkness both from them and from you, your home or business.

So if you feel you are being haunted, attacked or just annoyed by negative disrupted or disrespectful energies.  This service would probably be the best choice for you.

A ghost in my house



If I travel outside the Columbus, Ohio area, a travel fee will be added. (Call for Estimate)

If you feel your house or workplace has a guest and you would like some help or guidance with either asking them to leave or would like to investigate/explore it further, then this would be the service you require.  I say this because I have had clients whom once we discovered who their visitors were or why the visitors chose

to stay in that location, some clients wanted to let their visitors stay instead of asking them to leave.  But either way, the choice is yours, not theirs!


Note: Once we determine what your disturbances are, you too can choose to have them stay.  But, if you choose to remove them or it, usually, if we ask nicely, most ghosts/spirits realize the situation and move on freely.  If they do not, and they get mean or stubborn about leaving, then the negative removal process will have to take place. (See "Negative Paranormal Energy Removal service below)


So if you do need assistance with this type of dilemma,  or you feel you are being haunted,

Text me at 614-450-0944 and we will evaluate your needs and proceed from there.


If I travel outside the Columbus, Ohio area, a travel fee will be added. (Call for Estimate) 

This process is not just about clearing negative energy within your home or business, although a thorough energy cleansing sometimes can do the trick! (See Energy Cleansing & Renewal Service)  But in my experience, working with some nasty energies, ghosts and spirits, it usually takes more than a sage clearing to totally banish these entities! 

Due to my being not only an energy specialist; but also a minister and a shaman I am well equipped to do the job!  Not only are we asking them to leave a place that is familiar to  


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