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A psychic or intuitive reading is a reading that is done without visual aids, such as a reading done via the Tarot or Oracle cards.  Although, even if cards are present, I or any reader should be in touch with their own capabilities of tapping into energies to produce any type of reading including a psychic/intuitive reading. 


Since I have had the ability to tap into energies since the age of two, I have learned through the years how to work with both my senses and the energies around me to tap into them and get answers for both myself and others.   I learned to trust and have faith in my abilities and have perfected my senses through the years to offer insight and to assist others to find answers to their questions or to offer them insight into their own lives or situations as well.  Once a psychic or intuitive taps in, we then use our interpretation and translating skills to offer you the information we have received...  Hence your reading.

In reality, everyone is psychic, but some are not aware or in tune with their senses or do not trust the messages they are receiving.  Those of us who assist others have just gained the confidence, trust, and faith that what we see, feel and sense is accurate information we are receiving both from your energies and various energies from the Universal realms, that surround us all. 


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