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Animal & Pet Energy Work

We love our animals and they deserve the best! Help them now!

  • 2 hours
  • Varies
  • My Home or Yours - Somtimes Distantly

Service Description

Animals, yes they fare better than most, but they have both physical and emotional needs as well. Just like you do! Why not offer your pet a well deserved treat or offer them a holistic approach to their health care. Energy work for animals is amazing and they get to participate, whether I talk to them telepathically or they pick out their own stones, to assist with their oen healing, they are incredibly adapt with using energies and vibrations to assist both you and themselves. So it just makes sense to offer this healing and conforting therapy to them as well, plus during our session together their chakra system will also be cleanse, balanced and aligned as well, which is so need for them, as they are the ones who carry the weight of your heart and emotions as well. They take on a lot don't they? Free their energies up, so they can regain their own energy and health and live a long, loving happy life. Note - The price for this service varies, due to type of animal and travel time.

Contact Details


2561 Bunty Station Road

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