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RiderWiate Tarot Cards

I have been reading Tarot since the age of 13 and doing it professionally since the age of 30!  That's over 30 years assisting others with understanding and reviewing the energies that you walk in via pictures.  Once we see what energies you are walking within, I will then guide you as to how to change your energies for a positive outcome!


A Tarot reading is based on your own energies you are walking in.  Tarot is the only deck that once shuffled can carry your own energy system, A spread, usually, the Celtic Cross is laid and then I interpret what the pictures represent for you at the time of your reading and your situation.  Because I am an energy specialist, I also guide you if and where your energies need to be changed and show you via the cards (visual) and I also teach you how to change the energies we viewed, so you are in control of your own outcome.

I have been reading Tarot cards since the age of 13, that's almost 50 years of working with the Tarot Cards!.   Since then, I have perfected this craft to offer you insight, along with being able to advise you on how to change the energy patterns (if need be)  for a positive or a better outcome.  In other words,  I do not offer you a "Textbook" Tarot reading...  I use the pictures of the Tarot to show you, so you have a visual, regarding what is going on with you and the energies around you.  This way you will have an understanding of how to proceed with your journey.  

Details & History of a Tarot Reading:

A "Tarot Reading" consists of offering a reading using a "Tarot" deck of cards.   The cards are shuffled and then the reader lays out the cards in what is called a spread.  The "Celtic Cross" spread is the most common, (see picture below); but there are many spreads, depending on what type of area in your life you would like a reading about. 

Through the years, Tarot has gotten a bad rap!  but in reality and as I found when researching Tarot for my book, "Oh, Is That What That Means?" I found that the cards have been found as far back as Egyptian time, but through the years, they have had many uses, including being able to tell stories about what was going on with society and people's lives,  and was used for those who at the time, could not read and write.  Therefore the pictures were used to tell or interpret the story, just as we use picture books today!  They are also the origins of our playing cards Diamonds for Pentacles/Coins = Diamonds, Swords = Spaids,  Cups = Hearts, and Wands/Rods = Clubs.   So, as you can see we've all been using a variation of Tarot most of our lives.  

Because I am an energy specialist, I like to call my sessions an "Energy Tarot" reading...   This is where the old saying of "Every Picture Tells A Story" literally comes into play!  Do I need cards to assist you with offering insight into your life?  No!  But I have found through the years, having that visual, really helps you to understand the invisible energies you are working and playing in.


If you do not need a visual,  then I suggest having a Psychic Intuitive reading instead...  


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