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Reiki Certified Training

CERTIFIED USUI REIKI COURSE  (All Levels - See Description Below)

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Many Ways To Learn: Individual, Group or Online Training Offered
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People ask me all the time,  "where do I begin to become an "Energy Worker?"

Here in America, Reiki is now finally being accepted in many hospitals all across the United States.  It is already widely used throughout Europe and other countries. More and more doors are opening up to this alternative health therapy.  So, it just makes sense, that if you are looking to become an "Alternative Health Practitioner", Reiki would be the first energy modality to learn.  Why do I say this?  Because again, finally more and more hospitals and health facilities are accepting the name "REIKI" and many health institutions are starting to incorporate it into their practices and are now hiring Reiki practitioners.  Other healing modalities such as C.E.T, Crystal Therapy, Quantum Touch, I.E.T., Laying of the Hands, Angel Therapy, Kundalini, etc.,  are not widely accepted as of yet.  This is why I recommend to anyone just starting out, in the energy healing arena to get Reiki under their belt first.  Reiki is also the subtlest of the healing energies; with the understanding of that, while learning about energies, you are not overwhelmed and can easily adjust to working with energies, and how they work through you, with you and how it can assist your client's needs, once learned. Once you are used to working with Reiki healing energies, then move on to the higher frequencies of other healing energy modalities.  

Note: In order to work on other humans and animals, you must be certified through Reiki II.  In order to teach Reiki to others you must continue your studies to Level III.  There are only three levels of Usui Reiki and it is supposedly the original form of Reiki that was brought to the Americas, directly from the secret order in Japan; and should always carry your linage when you graduate.  


With all the courses you will receive:

  • Training Manual

  • Workbook  (Homework assignments which are turned in for evaluation towards graduation)

  • Attunement/re-awakening = Energy work that raises your vibrations to assist you with your Reiki training

  • Certificate of Completion with Linage - Once the course is completed This "Certificate" establishes you as a professional Usui Reiki Practitioner allowing you to offer your services to the public

What you will learn In Usui Reiki I & II - The Practitioner: Allows you to perform Reiki on others

  • The history of Usui Reiki

  • Usui Reiki (Levels I & II)

  • Symbols associated with Reiki II Level

  • How to receive and send energy

  • Learn how to work on your own energy system

  • Learn how to work with plants & humans

  • Learn the different levels of energy - Bonus

  • Your Chakra system - Bonus

  • Your Aura system - Bonus

Note: If you need to make payment arrangements,
please call me we'll work it out...

USUI REIKI III - The Teacher & Distant Healer: Allows you to Teach Reiki Classes, Give Attunements & Offer Distant
(Prerequisite - Reiki I & II)

  • Review of Reiki I & II

  • Teaching attunement (Usui Reiki Level III)

  • Learn the Teaching symbols - (Usui Reiki Level III)

  • Learn how to Attune/Reawaken your students

  • Learn the more intense energy symbols and how to use them

  • Learn how to send "Distant/Remote" healing

  • Learn how to expand your remote viewing skills - Bonus

  • Learn how to offer Reiki to Animals

  • Discuss different ways to teach and offer information to your clients & students

  • The business side of Reiki

Note: If you need to make payment arrangements,
please call me we'll work it out...

I offer many ways of learning & payment plans are available
Private Training - Allowing you to get one on one training
Group Classes -  2 to 8 students per class
Home Study Course - Learn at your own pace.  This is a home study course (Download or mail)
interaction consists of emails and phone and/or Skype conversations along with distant attunements sent by instructor.

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