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Thank you for reaching out, I would love to hear from you.

The Best way to contact me to "Schedule an Appointment"

is via a "Text Message" send to 614-440-4076

For other questions, please feel free to email me using the form below.

(Allow 48 hours for a response) - Thank You!

I respect your privacy and your information will not be shared

Most Service can be done via

In-Person or By Phone



Hours:              In-Person           By Phone

Monday -           3pm-5pm        3pm-7pm

Tuesday -          3pm-5pm        3pm-7pm

Wednesday -  11am-5pm      11am-7pm

Thursday -        3pm-5pm        3pm-7pm 

Friday -             3pm-5pm       11am-7pm

Saturday -      11am-7pm       11am-7pm

Sunday -           3pm-5pm       11pm-7pm

Contact Me or Submit an Event for Consideration

Your "Privacy" is important to us - We will not share!

Thank you, I'll Get back to you shortly

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response

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