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Hello and thank you for visiting my site.  The Enlightening Center is a place where individuals come to seek guidance, clarity, direction, and healing in their life's journey.  I offer a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can explore your higher self and receive guidance working with your own energies and the energies around you.  Which can be very beneficial in all areas of your life.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or need further information,

regarding a service or to inquire about training, coaching or your alternative health needs,

Please text 614-440-4076 and I will get back to you within 24 hours.



  • Tarot

  • Intuitive/Psychic

  • Oracle -(Get answers from Angels, Ascended Master, Etc.)


  • Transformational

  • Wellness

  • Spiritual

  • General

  • Guided Self-Hypnosis

Alternative Health 

  • C.E.T. (Combined Energy Therapy)

  • Usui Reiki

  • Crystal Therapy

  • Chakra Cleansin

  • Pet Health

Connecting With Loved Ones 

  • Medium Services

  • Grief Therapy

  • Understanding Loss (What Happens to my loved ones?)

Metaphysical & Shaman

Work for Your Well-Being

  • Cutting Chords

  • Attachment Removal

  • Shaman Work

  • Connect With Your Guides

Paranormal Services for Your Home or Business

  • Exploration

  • Clearing

  • Energy Restoration


  • Usui Reiki

  • Chakra Cleansing, Balancing & Alignment

Check often for added classes and lectures or follow me on FB​

Other - Ask About More

  • Private Parties

  • Minister Services (Counseling, Weddings, Baptismal, Sage Cleansing & Prayer Services for the deceased)

  • Lectures (Presented & Created for your venue) 

To Schedule Text 614-440-4076



Oh, Is That What That Means?

An A-to Z Reference Guide for all your Metaphysical, Spiritual, New Age, Alternative & Paranormal Arenas.  Great for understanding things before you try them!  Not only do I offer the description but I also offer references and my take on a topic, if I have ever tried or worked with it. 


Grounding & Protection For Everyday Living

Learn about energy amd how to protect yourself daily from accepting negative energies of all kinds -  electrical, spiritual, social, people, surroundings, etc.

​You will also learn about your chakras and how to keep yourself grounded, so you don't have to be overwhelmed or over-energized,  all with 5 easy steps that can be done in 5 minutes or less. Anywhere and at anytime.

$24.99 Retail - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & other book stores.

$19.99 - If ordered Directly Through Me

$14.99 Retail - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & other book stores.

$11.99 - If ordered Directly Through Me


Want to Know What People

Are Saying?

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My Angel surrounded me when I came out of Jesuses Tomb when I visited Isreal back in the '80s.  She has appeared several more times, since that 1st meeting.

Received the "Best of Columbus"
award, presented to me by the City of Columbus and my peers.

Students being trained and certified in Usui Reiki

A Little More About Me

My Name is Sharon L Jones I am known to my clients, students and peers as an “Energy Specialist”.  This is due to that I understand energy on a universal scale and I use assistance from God and Universal energies to assist you in all areas of your life and am not just tied to one modality, or metaphysical title; so, whether I am wearing the hat of an Alternative health practitioner, Coach, Tarot card reader, crystal therapist, educator, trainer, author or more; I'm here to help you.  


With over 35+ years of experience, I have met some wonderful people and have had amazing mentors and experiences along the way that have helped me build a deep understanding of the metaphysical, spiritual and alternative worlds.  Because of this I offer the knowledge, wisdom, and techniques I’ve developed and learned through my years assisting both myself and others.  I do this because I am passionate about helping others with guidance and/or education.

My goal is to help you gain clarity, direction, and peace of mind while discovering your true potential!  Assisting with removing blockages or overcoming obstacles that may have gotten in your way to your success in all areas. So with that said, I would love to be your guide on your personal journey, we call life!

Text Me Today to Schedule an Appointment. 


Note: At this time, I am working via face-time and/or by phone. 

Even if you need energy healing, I am very proficient in sending energy throughout the world it is called" distant healing" and yes, it does work just as well as seeing me in person.  Sometimes even better, because you are in a comfortable place that you know and trust.

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