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Services Offered for You and Your Pets

NOTE:  As with any health-related therapies Traditional or Alternative, a second session or follow-up session may or may not be required, I have listed follow-up session prices for you as well, should one be needed - This will be determined after your initial visit and how well you, yourself heal and/or reacts to energies used within your session. 

Payment Plans are available for most Alternative Health sessions - Ask when scheduling

COMBINED ENERGY THERAPY - $175.00 - (Initial Visit Must be done in person)

Follow-up Sessions can be done in person or Remotely - $80.00 - 1 to 2 hours, (depending on your individual needs)

Each session will be specifically designed around your "individualized" energy system as we all carry the basic energy systems, but we also pick-up or hold onto other energies that may or may not be assisting us in our present situation or life for that matter!  With that understanding...

This therapy offers you assistance with healing on all levels, not only does it include working with your basic energies via your Chakra and Aura systems;  But we will delve deeper by reviewing both your past and present physical, emotional and spiritual (etheric) energy systems as well.  Once "All" energy systems are reviewed, various "Combined" techniques and energy healing modalities, will be incorporated into your session that are needed to remove negative energies on all levels; release blockages, remove energies that are no longer serving you; restore positive energies and clear the way for new healing energies and positive thought processes to enter and restore balance and health for all areas of your life.



REIKI - (Usui) - $80.00   (45 min. In-Person or Remotely)

This is a Japanese energy healing modality where ancient symbols are used to pull in Universal energies to assist you with both health and your emotional energy needs.

Reiki is calming, soothing energy, which produces a flow of unconditional love, so that it may penetrate your energy system to promote healing and love of self and others, along with offering various healing benefits.  Excellent for emotional blockages, recovery after an accident, injury or surgery.  Healing from grief or other emotional inflictions, etc.  Again it is very soothing and loving energy that can assist with everyday ailments and blockages, we all come across in our daily lives. 



CRYSTAL THERAPY - $80.00   (45 min.  In-Person or Remotely)

Crystals are amazing! The energies of crystals can be incorporated within all aspects of your life.  Crystals have been around for thousands of years; and did you know, your own human body carries various crystals within it as well; so why not incorporate crystals within your life as they can be very beneficial for all purposes and on all levels.  There are so many uses for them, again, they're amazing and they're healing properties can assist with all types of ailments when used properly.  

During a session, you will be energetically scanned and then you will be tested as to which stone(s) will be used during your session, the stones will be placed on and around you as the practitioner sees fit.  This is a very relaxing, yet potent type of therapy as the stone's energy, along with their mineral content penetrates your energy system and your physical being.  Offering the healing to take place naturally.  Depending on the circumstances that are shown during a session, the practitioner may or may not offer you stones or make a tonic for you personally, to take with you until your next session.




In-person or remotely  - 45 min. Recommended every 6 months.

Your Chakra and Aura energy systems are the most important systems to keep up and running.  When these systems are not working properly, anything else energetically-wise will not be working at peak-performance levels either.  That means your physical body, your mental status, your emotional responses, and your spiritual awareness will be affected as well.


Chakra Monthly Tune-Up - $45.00 - 15-20 min. (In-Person or Remotely)

After your initial session, make sure to schedule a monthly maintenance session; so that you can maintain alignment and balance within your chakra energy systems, to ensure you are running at top performance at all times. 



SHAMAN THERAPIES - (In-Person or Remote)

Prices vary - Depending on what your needs are - Call for consultation and quote - (In-Person or Remotely)

Being a Shaman for many lifetimes, and studying the updated techniques that indigenous people use today, Shaman therapies can assist with many things within your life; from emotional blockages to past-life traumas that you have brought with you into this lifetime.  It also assists with healing all areas of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and yes, even spirituality. It can also assist with your past, present and future energies as well.

These techniques have been passed on through generations and there are various Shaman techniques used in this process again, depending on your needs or what it is you wish to accomplish during your Shaman healing journey



ANIMAL ENERGY THERAPY  - (In-Person or Remote)

Note:  Prices vary due to breed of animal & if Travel is involved - Call 614-450-0944 for quote

When done remotely or from a distance, I do request a picture be sent, so I can see the actual animal and locate their Chakra system; as a cat's Chakra system is located differently than a dog; or a horse; or a bird; etc.

Our animals mean everything to us and they deserve the best holistic care as well.  I have been communicating and taking care of animals since about the age of 6.  I love them and usually, they love me too!  I offer Energy Therapy for your pets. because animals respond very well to energy work and crystal therapy.  It can assist with all types of both emotional and physical ailments with amazing results. 


Using telepathy, to communicate I will then offer them, various energy healing modalities and Crystal therapy, they will usually let me know which ones are helping and which ones are not.  When it comes to pets, we let them lead us.   Because your animals instinctively understand energy, they also are very accurate about picking their own crystals to aid in their own healing.  During their session, they will also get a chakra cleansing and balancing treatment to help with their healing and recovery.




Note:  Prices vary due to breed of animal & if Travel is involved - Call 614-450-0944 for quote

When done remotely or from a distance, I do request a picture be sent, so I can see the actual animal and locate their Chakra system; as a cat's Chakra system is located differently than a dog; or a horse; or a bird; etc.

Just like humans need their energies cleansed and realigned from time to time, so do your pets.   Think about it?  They take on all of our energies, especially our emotional ups and downs and for the most part, they are pretty resilient; but after time, they too feel the sludge of negativity or dense stale energies, that they deal with every day as well.  Why not refresh your pets; and re-energize them? It's like getting a treat and they will be much happier and thank you for caring about their needs as well!  Note:  The process of this is much like working on humans, the only difference is, is the placement of their chakra system, but basically they therapy is the same as when done on humans.  See Chakra Cleansing, Balancing & Alignment above.

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