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 SHARON L. JONES - Alternative Health Practioner/Energy Specialist

Sharon Jones has been aware of the energies around her since the age of two, and assisting with healing since the age of six. or as her child-self would say, don't worry I'll just "Love" it away!  According to her mother, "Healing came naturally to her, by wishing people well and touching them or hugging them, telling whatever was ailing them to go away and make them better; and it worked!  Family and friends would instantly start recovering and/or feel better."   Since then, Sharon has learned to understand what was happening and became proficient at sending and receiving healing energies to assist both herself and others; long before Reiki hit the alternative health world.  But when it did, Sharon too, became a Reiki Master Healer/Teacher and incorporates Reiki and Crystal therapy within her practice as well.  


She is an "Energy Specialist"  She understands energies so well that she can tap into specific frequencies to produce the healing effects that are needed on an individual basis.  She developed "Combined Energy Therapy" (C.E.T.)  which may incorporate many energy healing modalities into one session depending on your needs, dis-ease or ailments. 

When you have your session with Sharon,  whether you come for an overall healing experience via Combined Energy Therapy, or if you have issues where Reiki or Crystal Therapy would best serve you, rest assured you will be receiving the energies that are specifically designed to assist with your specific needs. 

Sharon's passion is to be of service to everyone she meets to offer them, love, acceptance, insight, knowledge and healing energies, if need be.  

So make an appointment today, and start living a whole, healthy life on all levels.



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