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 The modalities offered through the Enlightening Center and performed by Sharon L. Jones and also those who have been trained and certified through the Enlightening Center are to be considered to be both Alternative Medicine and/or Complimentary therapies and all follow the rules and laws of the Alternative Health "Code of Ethics".

What Is It?

Alternative Health Modalities or Complementary Medicine - Are various non-traditional healing techniques and modalities that do not fall under the umbrella of "traditional" Medicine. nor are they governed by state or federal laws, although that is rapidly changing, so do check with your individual state, in regards to your practice or the healing modalities you offer. 


Most services are performed by a practitioner or a person who has been trained within a specific modality rather than a traditional title as with a traditional Doctor or nurse.  

Most alternative or complementary therapies are based around a more natural approach to healing one's own body and emotional state.  These therapies can be used alone or in combination with "Traditional" medicine, and alternative practitioners do not subscribe medications.  If needed, they may recommend you seek a traditional doctor for prescribed medications or they may refer you to an herbalist, nutritionist or a natural drug store or health food store which allows you to maintain a natural approach to whole-health.  

Most alternative or complementary therapies are non-invasive and can be done either in person or from a distance.  Some practitioners may use just their hands, while others may incorporate certain healing tools, as with needles for an acupuncturist, or a stretching machine for a chiropractor.  It all depends on what type of alternative or complementary therapy you are seeking.

Even though alternative or complementary therapies are considered "New Age", in fact, most therapies are ancient dating back hundreds if not thousands of years.  And we who understand the ancient healing arts and philosophies that have been passed down through generations are so grateful that they have re-surfaced into our modern world and that science, especially in the area of Nero-science is now, with modern technology, proving that the majority of natural, alternative or complementary therapies, do actually assist with health; and the energies that run through and around us; and can be very effective in eliminating illness, dis-ease, stress,  depression, bad eating habits, addictions, etc.  as each modality has it's own uniqueness and healing properties to offer both you and your animal friends.

Energy Healing -

In regards to those who use energy as their tool and may even be given the title or is referred to as an energy healer, understands and grasps the concept that that is what we are. - Energy! 

As science has proven, everything and anything is energy.  So why not use energy itself to direct the flow, the degree of energy you personally need and to produce the right vibrations to assist you in all areas of your life offering you whole-health 


Energy practitioners or healers use energy modalities, like Combined Energy Therapy, Reiki, Chakra and Aura balancing and other energy modalities which requires understanding, knowledge and being able to sense, tap into, and direct various levels of energy, vibrations, and frequencies to assist with healing on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Depending on the energy modality one chooses to study, as there are many different grades of energy one can become proficient at, along with their awareness of energy itself and how it can affect you in all areas of your life;  is what will determine your outcome during a session. 

Within most energy healing modality studies, we are taught to understand that we ourselves are not the healer, we are the vessel that universal healing energies flow through.  The practitioner who truly understand their craft, understands this and does not consider themselves to be  "healers", we consider ourselves to be "alternative health practitioners; using various universal energy techniques and modalities; so that we can pull, guide and direct the natural energies within the Universe and within your own system, (our client's systems/energy fields) so they (you) can begin to heal.  Therefore, by you (the client) accepting these energies to flow through you or be re-awakened within you,  via the assistance of a practitioner,  you in-fact are giving yourself permission to heal.  Therefore you yourself are the true healer.  We are there to be of assistance and to jump-start and enhance your healing process.  

Note:  Due to the vast degrees of energy, not all "energy healing" modalities are the same.  And with that said, also check out other Alternative practices, that do not require knowledge of energy work, such as chiropractors, herbalists, and other forms of healing arts that fall under the alternative health and/or complimentary umbrella.   Therefore if you are seeking assistance ask your practitioner or an energy specialist, which Alternative healing modality would best serve you and your well-being and /or your dilemma.  

For even further explanation of what various alternative modalities or titles would be, you can find them in my book "Oh, Is That What That Means, an easy to read A-Z quick reference guide to the Metaphysical, Spiritual, Alternative Health New Age and paranormal arenas - You can get your copy today - Click Here



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